Use Cases

The Metaverse Currency

SKUY fuels the Sekuya Metaverse, enabling in-game transactions, creator rewards, and a vibrant community. Join the SKUY revolution today!

World Creator

Hold 500,000,000 SKUY tokens to be a Sekuya World Creator. Your vote shapes the universe; be a game-changer!

Reward System

SKUYX (Token code: SKYX) offers unique rewards of 7% SKUY for every transactions. The DEX volume of SKUYX = Buy SKUY!

Collateral Loan

Use SKUY as collateral for crypto loans with Nusa Finance. Leverage assets, keep ownership, and get rewarded!



Create a MetaMask wallet

$SKUY token is available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. visit to download the extension and set up your wallet. If you are using mobile, Get MetaMask’s app in Appstore and Playstore.


Send $BNB to Metamask

Acquire BNB through MetaMask itself or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet/exchange (e.g. Binance).


Add $SKUY token

Click Select a currency and enter this 0x71d03A620646f8b572282Ef39228D36Add67ee20 into the search field copy contract address


Open Pancake Swap

Click Select a currency and enter 0x71d03A620646f8b572282Ef39228D36Add67ee20 into the search field, and you should be able to find $Skuy


Set slippage to 8%

1% ideal slippage to BUY
10% ideal slippage to SELL

$SKUY Contact Address

Our Contract Address

As we grow popular and recognise by people, there might be scam copies to deceive you into buying the wrong token. Please make sure to copy and paste the correct contract address when adding $SKUY to your MetaMask wallet and when purchasing $SKUY in PancakeSwap.

Do not transfer your fund directly to our smart contract without using Sekuya's listed exchanges. We cannot do any refund for any token transferred to the smart contract