Upstation Media Covering Sekuya x Inacon

  • 20-03-2024
  • 📣 Announcements

Thank you one of leading gaming media in Indonesia for covering Sekuya x Indonesia Anime Con!

Indonesia Anime Con (INACON), the latest event from Indonesia Comic Con catering to anime, manga, and Asian pop culture enthusiasts, has just announced an exciting collaboration with Sekuya, a renowned gaming brand. This partnership promises to breathe new life into the pop culture experience for fans in Indonesia.

INACON itself is a gathering of fans with a specific interest in Asian Pop Culture, including anime, manga, toys, films, music, and hobbies from Japan, Korea, China, and Indonesia. The event spans several days across various cities, divided into two main parts: the roadshow and the grand event. One of INACON's unique features is its collaboration with various local Indonesian IPs, enriching the event's offerings.

In this latest collaboration, INACON has officially teamed up with Sekuya, known for their major project, Sekuya Multiverse. This is a game that combines Anime MOBA and MMORPG Fantasy with ten fantastic worlds.

Lulu Anwar, project manager of INACON 2024, stated, "INACON focuses on Asian pop culture, such as anime, manga, toys, films, and music from Japan, Korea, China, and Indonesia. What sets us apart is our collaboration with local Indonesian IPs. We are proud to introduce Kaito Arjuna and Kirana Yumi, our IPs, which are now collaborating with Starla, Sekuya's IP. Our hope is that INACON and Sekuya can help other IP creators or developers in Indonesia gain wider recognition and even compete internationally."

Yohanes Hanifa, Director of Sekuya Multiverse Game, is also enthusiastic, "We are thrilled to see INACON and Sekuya collaborating, especially through IPs like Kaito Arjuna and Kirana Yumi, which are collaborating with Starla, our IP. This is proof that INACON is not just a place to enjoy Asian pop culture, but also a supportive platform for local IP creators and developers in Indonesia. This collaboration not only expands the local market but also helps them compete on the international stage. We are proud to be involved in this partnership and look forward to seeing more collaborations that support Indonesia's creative industry."

The collaboration between Sekuya and INACON promises a deeper and more varied experience for pop culture fans in Indonesia while providing a solid platform for local creators to thrive and compete in the global market.

The success of this collaboration will continue to be celebrated, marking a significant step forward for both parties and Indonesia's creative industry. The event itself is scheduled to take place at the Indonesia Convention Centre (ICE BSD) on June 15-16, 2024.