Sekuya x Xellar and Rampable for an Enhanced Crypto Experience

  • 22-12-2023
  • 📣 Announcements

In a strategic move set to redefine the landscape of Web3 gaming, Sekuya proudly announces its groundbreaking collaborations with Xellar and Rampable. These visionary partnerships are designed to revolutionize the crypto experience for Sekuya users, delivering unparalleled convenience and cutting-edge solutions.

Xellar stands at the forefront of ushering in a secure digital era through cutting-edge wallet technology. Embodying the ethos of financial freedom, Xellar redefines the management of cryptocurrency through its Next Generation Wallet. Users can seamlessly manage their digital assets with Xellar’s wallet and apps, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.

“At Xellar we are always looking to create redefining partnerships with the Industry’s best. Working with Sekuya has been simple and straightforward and we are excited as to how Sekuya’s products will evolve through this partnership. Xellar will be implementing wallet technology across Sekuya’s community and games as Sekuya continues to break ground as the future of triple A entertainment.” Said Daniel Suwahjo, CEO of Xellar.

Rampable, on the other hand, introduces a groundbreaking solution that allows users to pay in crypto and receive in fiat. The platform facilitates international fiat payments using cryptocurrency, providing unparalleled convenience. Users can effortlessly pay vendors, employees, or merchants from their wallets, with the recipients receiving funds in fiat currency.

Joshua Budiman, CEO of Sekuya, shared his thoughts on these strategic partnerships: “At Sekuya, we are constantly seeking ways to elevate the experience for our holders. The partnerships with Xellar and Rampable are a testament to our commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions. By integrating Xellar’s advanced wallet technology and Rampable’s seamless crypto-to-fiat payment capabilities, we are providing our community with powerful tools for navigating the evolving crypto landscape. This is our way of fostering mass adoption and ensuring that our users have access to the best-in-class services through strategic collaborations.”

These partnerships are poised to bring added utility to the Sekuya ecosystem, offering users secure and streamlined solutions for managing and utilizing their digital assets. As Sekuya continues its journey as a leader in the Web3 space, these collaborations underscore the company’s dedication to providing unparalleled value to its growing community.

For more information about Sekuya and its strategic partnerships, please visit Sekuya Multiverse and follow the latest updates on Xellar and Rampable.

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