Sekuya x Solo Pizza Group Indonesia

  • 24-05-2024
  • 📣 Announcements

Sekuya and Solo Pizza Group Indonesia are joining forces: Brand Adoption Meets Anime Gaming!

We're excited to announce the celebration of $SKYA Launch Day and #BitcoinPizzaDay with the adoption of $SKYA by four renowned F&B brands! This marks a significant milestone for $SKYA, as it expands its reach and demonstrates its versatility in the food and beverage industry.

But that's not all! The journey of $SKYA is just beginning, with even more brand adoptions and diverse use cases on the horizon. Stay tuned for the latest updates and see how $SKYA continues to revolutionize the way we experience both digital currency and everyday transactions.

Join us in celebrating this exciting development of SekuyaApp!

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