Sekuya x Indonesia Anime Con 2024

  • 15-03-2024
  • 📣 Announcements

Sekuya x Indonesia Anime Con, the largest anime festival in Indonesia with IP & Brand Collaboration!
Indonesia Anime Con (INACON), a fan convention renowned for its focus on anime, manga, and other Asian pop culture, has announced an exciting collaborative partnership with the gaming company Sekuya. This collaboration marks a significant step in delivering a more diverse experience for pop culture enthusiasts in Indonesia.

Indonesia Anime Con (INACON), or INACON, is a fan convention with a primary focus on Asian pop culture such as anime, manga, toys, films, music, and other hobbies from Japan, Korea, China, and Indonesia. The event spans several days across multiple cities, with two main phases: roadshows and the main event (bigbang event). One aspect that sets INACON apart is its collaboration with several local IPs in Indonesia, enriching the experience for attendees.

As part of this partnership, INACON has officially announced a collaboration with Sekuya, a gaming company born from a community. Sekuya is known for its flagship project, Sekuya Multiverse, which combines two of the world’s most popular gaming genres: Anime MOBA and MMORPG Epic Fantasy World with 10 stunning worlds.

Lulu Anwar, Project Manager of Indonesia Anime Con (INACON) 2024, shared her insights on this collaboration, “Indonesia Anime Con (INACON) is a fan convention focused on Asian pop culture such as anime, manga, toys, films, music, and hobbies from Japan, Korea, China, and Indonesia. As a differentiator from similar events, INACON collaborates with several local IPs in Indonesia. We are proud to introduce our IPs, Kaito Arjuna and Kirana Yumi, who have officially collaborated with Starla, Sekuya’s IP. With this collaboration, we hope that INACON and Sekuya can support other creators or IP developers to be recognized throughout Indonesia and even compete on the international stage.”

Welcoming this partnership, Yohanes Hanifa, Game Director of Sekuya Multiverse, added, “We are thrilled to see the collaboration between Indonesia Anime Con (INACON) and Sekuya, especially through the IP collaboration with Kaito Arjuna and Kirana Yumi, who collaborate with Starla, Sekuya’s IP. This collaboration proves that Indonesia Anime Con (INACON) is not just a place to enjoy Asian pop culture, but also a platform to support and introduce local creators and IP developers from Indonesia. This collaboration will not only expand the market for local creators but also help them compete on the international stage. Sekuya is proud to be part of this collaboration, and we look forward to seeing more collaborations supporting Indonesia’s creative industry in the future.”

The collaboration between Sekuya and Indonesia Anime Con (INACON) promises a deeper and more diverse experience for pop culture enthusiasts in Indonesia while providing a robust platform for local creators to thrive and compete in the global market. Celebrations of the success of this partnership will continue in the future, marking a significant achievement for both parties and Indonesia’s creative industry as a whole. The event will held in Indonesia Convention Centre (ICE BSD) on 15th — 16th June 2024.

Anime Gang, Welcome to Starla!