Sekuya and Linssyaa Bring Starla to Life

  • 11-04-2024
  • 📣 Announcements

Sekuya, a leading video game company, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Linssyaa, a prominent cosplayer, to bring the beloved character Starla to life at Indonesia Anime Con (INACON) 2024.

Linssyaa, a seasoned cosplayer from Semarang with a passion for cosplay since 2015, boasting more than 127k followers on social media, has been selected to portray Starla, Sekuya’s brand ambassador and a prominent character within the Sekuya Multiverse game. Starla, a human magician hailing from the realm of Intermundia, is set to enchant attendees at INACON 2024 with her captivating presence and magical allure.

Starla, the radiant brand ambassador of Sekuya emerges from the mystical realm of Intermundia beyond Novae Terrae. Starla captivates audiences with her mesmerizing live performances. With her enchanting beauty and ethereal charm, Starla illuminates the hearts of all who behold her presence. Standing at 150cm tall, weighing 40kg, and aged 18, Starla epitomizes elegance and grace, embodying the essence of youthfulness. Her mantra, “I’m here to light up your world. Shine as bright as the stars,” echoes through the multiverse, inspiring all to embrace their inner light.

Expressing her excitement about portraying Starla, Linssyaa remarked:

“When I first saw Starla, I felt an instant connection with her character. From her physique to her personality, she resonates with me in many ways. As a cosplayer, I am thrilled to embody Starla’s cheerful and sweet demeanor and hope to do justice to her character.”

Linssyaa’s impressive portfolio includes numerous accolades in the cosplay community, including being an ex-official Moonton cosplayer and winning various competitions such as the Kabaret Tegal Japan Matsuri 2017 and the Cosplay Photo Challenge MLBB 2021.

Yohanes Hanifa, Game Director at Sekuya, commented:

“We are delighted to partner with Linssyaa and showcase Starla at INACON 2024. Linssyaa’s exceptional talent and passion for cosplay make her the perfect choice to bring our beloved character to life. We look forward to seeing Starla enchant attendees and further elevate the Sekuya brand.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Starla and experience the magic of Sekuya at Indonesia Anime Con 2024.