Sekuya 1st Winner of ICP Incubation Program Indonesia

  • 03-12-2023
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Sekuya, the leading Web3 Community Gaming Metaverse, proudly announces its recent triumph at the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Incubation Program. Sekuya not only secured the top position upon graduation but also clinched the accolade for the Best Pitch #1, a testament to its innovative approach in integrating blockchain technology with gaming.

The ICP Incubation Program, held in Bali, Indonesia, brought together 15 dynamic teams vying for excellence in a 7-week immersive program. On the graduation day, where 12 teams presented their projects, Sekuya emerged with a remarkable score of 4.85 out of 5, solidifying its position as a leader in the blockchain gaming space.


Joshua Budiman, Co-founder & CEO of Sekuya, expressed the platform's enthusiasm for the program, stating, "We are delighted to be part of the ICP incubation program, and our top ranking is a testament to our dedication to advancing Web3 innovation. The program's holistic approach, encompassing both technical and business aspects, sets it apart."

ICP, a cutting-edge blockchain network, aspires to revolutionize the conventional Internet by introducing efficiency, speed, and decentralization. Addressing critical issues like service monopolization, weak system security, and personal data misuse, ICP is committed to reshaping the digital landscape in Indonesia by empowering young generations through the Indonesia On-Chain program where ICP partners with universities and schools in Indonesia.

Bruno Calabretta, Co-Founder of Disruptives ICP.Hub Indonesia stated that "Sekuya's success in our first ICP Incubator Program shows just how much you can do with blockchain in gaming. They're leading the way and proving that great ideas can thrive on the Internet Computer, showcasing how ICP's revolutionary technology fosters groundbreaking ideas in the digital world."

Sekuya, a MOBA Multiverse offering an epic fantasy adventure across four worlds, seeks mass adoption in the web2 gaming market. With a robust presence in 91 communities and over 1 million members, Sekuya is poised to make a significant impact.

Targeting the lucrative $2 billion gaming market in Indonesia, home to 180 million gamers, Sekuya envisions expanding its footprint in the region. The platform's commitment to fostering community engagement and providing immersive gaming experiences aligns with the rapidly growing gaming market in Indonesia.

One of the primary reasons Sekuya is drawn to ICP is the "reverse-gas model." This innovative approach, mirroring the familiar Web2 model, ensures that users don't bear the transaction costs on the blockchain; instead, it is covered by the dApp developer. This model facilitates a seamless and cost-effective experience for users, fostering mass adoption.

Furthermore, Sekuya values ICP for its affordable storage prices. With an expected cost below $5/GB per year, ICP enables the construction of the entire infrastructure, including storage, on the blockchain. This cost-effectiveness aligns with Sekuya's vision of creating a sustainable and accessible blockchain ecosystem.

As Sekuya integrates the knowledge gained from the ICP incubation program, the platform remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in Web3 technologies. The company expresses gratitude to ICP for providing a transformative learning experience and anticipates continued collaboration in shaping the future of decentralized technologies.