Sekudbeat. x Sekuya Gaming Music Contest

  • 18-11-2023
  • 📣 Announcements

One of the NFT music collectives based in Jakarta, sekud beat., will end 2023 by creating a GameFi music contest collaboration with Sekuya, one of the biggest GameFi in Indonesia.

The concept of this contest is aimed at enabling music producers to integrate their work into Web3, and opening up opportunities for talented musicians to collaborate with local Web3 projects; On the other hand, the Web3 project has a new community that will be educated about Web3 and also introduce its products to the music community brought by Sekud Beat.

This music contest is made simpler than the second beat music contest. previously, namely by simply submitting to the email [email protected] with the email subject and conditions described above.

This time, GameFi's music theme carries the concept of an RPG game with a song storyline prepared by the participating musicians, with a duration of 1-4 minutes and must be an original work. Submissions will be open November 30 - December 25 2023, and winners will be announced in January 2024.

As the main sponsor of this contest, Sekuya will award $150USD in stablecoin to the winner of this music contest, and the song will also be the new theme song for Sekuya to use in his latest GameFi update. Apart from that, sekud beat. also gave prizes in the form of Sample Packs (a collection of sound effect kits) to support talented musicians who want to be enthusiastic about working in the web3 world.