Gaming Market Data 2024

  • 25-02-2024
  • ⚔️ Game Updates

Sekuya research team consistently examines global gaming market data to assess its trajectory and strategize for adaptability and agility. This is the highlight:

1. Gaming Apps Surpass $1B Mark: A Milestone Unmatched in App History
In a remarkable achievement, gaming apps have reached a consumer spend milestone of $1 billion, a feat that has been unmatched by other types of apps, except for Tinder in 2020, followed by TikTok, YouTube, and Disney+ in 2021. This highlights the immense popularity and financial success of gaming apps in the digital market.

2. MOBAs and RPGs: Pillars of Mobile Gaming's Diverse 2023 Landscape
Within the realm of mobile gaming, MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) and RPGs (Role-Playing Games) hold significant importance. MOBAs, in particular, stand out as the 3rd most popular genre in terms of time spent, showcasing their strong appeal and engagement among gamers. RPGs also have a notable presence as top ranking in user spending.

3. Asia-Pacific Dominance: Gaming's Economic Powerhouse
The Asia-Pacific region emerges as a powerhouse in the global gaming market, commanding a substantial 49% share of the total spending market. 
China remains at the top country of the consumer spend category, followed by America, Japan, and South Korea.

4. India, Brazil, Indonesia Lead Android Game Downloads: A Global Trend
Among the top three countries for Android game downloads are India, Brazil, and Indonesia. This trend can be attributed to the rapid growth of the middle class and increased smartphone penetration in these countries, making them fertile ground for mobile gaming expansion and adoption.

5. 5 Hours a Day: The Captivating World of Mobile Gaming Engagement
Mobile gaming continues to captivate users, with individuals spending nearly 5 hours per day on games in 2023. This high level of engagement is especially pronounced among users aged 18-45, indicating the broad appeal and immersive nature of mobile games in capturing users' attention and time.

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