Enter new realms where reality fades into breathtaking fantasy landscapes. Join intense 5v5 team battles, blending with Anime MMORPG. Craft & choose your champion with powers reflecting your personality. Unleash unrivaled tactics and strategies. Embark on epic adventures, collect Sekumon souls, and ascend to glory in Novae Terrae.

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Experience fresh 5v5 gameplay! Choose your favorite characters, surprise them with your weapon of choice.


Explore 10 Worlds Epic Fantasy, level up, join guild, & catch 400+ Sekumon Souls!


Create your very own creation with Sekuya AI, talk & use them as in-game skin. The borderless AI gaming experience!


Meet your favorite brand transform into coolest store ever, limited clothing collection, or meet with the brand ambassador!

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Who Will You Choose?


"I'm here to light up your world. Shine as bright as the stars."

Emerging from the realm of Intermundia beyond Novae Terrae, Starla astounds the citizens of Regnum Terrae with an unexpected live concert. Her captivating beauty and allure captivate all who witness her.

Race: Human · H/W: 150cm / 40kg · Age: 18

  • ALIAS Starlight Siren
  • ORIGIN Intermundia
  • CLASS Magician

Tensai Maki

"Like the shadow of the earth,
I will protect you."

The word quickly circulated throughout Novae Terrae about Tensai Maki, described as a laidback genius. Despite his laidback demeanor, he's renowned for leading the Regnum Terrae army to victory against the Titan.

Race: Human · H/W: 170cm / 67kg · Age: 19

  • ALIAS Laidback Genius
  • ORIGIN Regnum Terrae
  • CLASS Shadow Captain

Lily Eferhild

"Never take a step to my flower garden."

After 18 years, Lily discovered her true identity but decided to remain in her own Flower Kingdom with its citizens, rather than returning to her father's realm. To this day, she has chosen not to wield the Golden Dimension Sword, the symbol of Caeli Celestia's power.

Race: Sekuyans · H/W: 160cm / 50kg · Age: 20

  • ALIAS The Lost Sky Flower
  • ORIGIN Caeli Celestia
  • CLASS Berseker


"What an exciting world!
Count me in!"

In the year 2030, a group of individuals chosen from Earth, now known as the 'Jumpers' in Sekuya, sought assistance from Captain NN93, a fellow Jumper who was leading the Jumpers in providing support to the Sekuyans in Regnum Terrae.

Race: Human · H/W: 170cm / 65kg · Age: 17

  • ALIAS Reality Travelers
  • ORIGIN Novae Terrae
  • CLASS Jumpers

Kuen Yumi

"Hey! What's your favorite food?"

True happiness, according to Yumi, the food influencer hailing from Fossa Maris, can only be found in a good meal! Yumi's love for food is evident in her wardrobe, which is inspired by her favorite dishes. 

Race: Sekuyans · H/W: 155cm / 42kg · Age: 25

  • ALIAS Nebula Flavor
  • ORIGIN Fossa Maris
  • CLASS Saint


“With the blessing from Sekuya, you'll be gone.”

Katsu's dedication to training is evident from the numerous bandages adorning his body. Despite his limited magical and physical prowess, Katsu is a remarkable talent, entrusted with the Book of Sigma.

Race: Human · H/W: 165cm / 60kg · Age: 15

  • ALIAS Eye of Destiny
  • ORIGIN Regnum Terrae
  • CLASS Warlock

Shin Hyaku

"I'm the 100th Shin! Remember that."

Shin Hyaku is the hundredth individual to bear the title of the Shin, dedicated to mastering the Shin sword art style. However, Shin Hyaku seems to lack the traditional charisma associated with Shin descendants.

Race: Sekuyans · H/W: 180cm / 75kg · Age: 21

  • ALIAS Fiery Wolf
  • ORIGIN Ardor Incendia
  • CLASS Densetsu


"It's time for your eternal sleep."

Her eyes reveal her formidable nature. It's best not to approach too near her limits. Tofu stands as one of the most skilled hunters of sekumons in history, her unwavering loyalty to Lily is unquestionable. 

Race: Human · H/W: 161cm / 45kg · Age: 21

  • ALIAS Meet Your Maker
  • ORIGIN Caeli Celestia
  • CLASS Motion


"Face your challenges with hope."

A dimensional disruption coincided with the arrival of Jumpers, resulting in an amalgamation of the Sekuya world script with Earth data. This led to the emergence of Earth-based digital persona code NN93 during the war captain's creation.

Race: Human · H/W: 173cm / 68kg · Age: 29

  • ALIAS Believer of Hope
  • ORIGIN Novae Terrae
  • CLASS Captain


"From street fight, to noodle nights!"

Ramen never misses a chance to advocate for ramen to everyone he encounters. He also possesses a unique skill set as a self-taught street fighter since childhood, using his fists to fend off a swarm of sekumons that once disrupted his mealtime.

Race: Human · H/W: 185cm / 72kg · Age: 19

  • ALIAS Ramen Rumble
  • ORIGIN Ardor Incendia
  • CLASS Fighter

Sai Nakamoto

"This is the beginning of the end."

In Sekuya, magical growth had plateaued at natural elements, but the convergence of technology and magic, integrating AI, marked a burgeoning era. A mysterious figure named Satoshi emerged with a concealed message.

Race: Unknown · H/W: 168cm / ??kg · Age: ??

  • ALIAS Revolutionary Maverick
  • ORIGIN Unknown
  • CLASS Code Mage


"Be careful where you look at boys~"

Alluring and deadly, Marimar arrived in Novae Terrae as a newcomer, gaining rapid fame by taking on neglected quests while others fixated on the Dark Lord invasion. 

Race: Human · H/W: 160cm / 48kg · Age: 28

  • ALIAS Deadly Vixen
  • ORIGIN Ardor Incendia
  • CLASS Assassin


"Let the dispair in you, whisper my name."

The Dark Wanderer, emerges from the extensive reservoirs of dark energy within Novae Terrae. Taking on the semblance of Gwynevere, she is a manifestation born from the profound emotions of sadness, anger, and despair emanating from Silva. 

Race: Energy · H/W: 170cm / 2kg · Age: 100

  • ALIAS Sorrowful Echo
  • ORIGIN Vallis Exanima
  • CLASS Wraith


"Sorry to wake you up, guys."

Charcoal, though appearing as a teenager, has lived nearly three centuries. She inherited the forbidden Book of Omega from her closest companion, a tome associated with destruction and ressurection of the eternal sleep. 

Race: Sekuyans · H/W: 170cm / 55kg · Age: 299

  • ALIAS Eternal Guardian
  • ORIGIN Vallis Exanima
  • CLASS Necromancer

Tensai Kyuri

"Laidback Genius? That's just a relic of my past."

Kyuri, the original holder of the Laidback Genius title predating Maki, mysteriously disappeared when Maki was just 7 years old. Recent rumors suggest that she was spotted entering the portal to the endless war at the heart of the shadow zone.

Race: Human · H/W: 155cm / 44kg · Age: 40

  • ALIAS Shadowblade Whisper
  • ORIGIN Obscura Intermundia
  • CLASS Dark Shadow


"Ah, the sweet symphony of laughter echoing in the abyss.."

How unfortunate the turn of events, a twist of fate unforeseen. Enter Sir Silva Edmund Saxton, the esteemed commander of the Caeli Celestia army—a figure revered by all for embodying the epitome of aspirations.

Race: Sekuyans · H/W: 180cm / 59kg · Age: 35

  • ALIAS The Last Laugh
  • ORIGIN Obscura Intermundia
  • CLASS Knightmare


"I was born to be the racing queen."

In the bustling streets of Indonesia, Senora thrived, her heart ignited by the passion for speed since childhood. Her spirit yearned for the ultimate challenge, which led her to Ardor Incendia, a realm within Sekuya, where the fiery flames of competition burned bright.

Race: Human · H/W: 160cm / 48kg · Age: 25

  • ALIAS The Racing Princess
  • ORIGIN Ardor Incendia
  • CLASS Racer


Welcome to Novae Terrae. 5 Realms with 10 worlds where you can find the new earth technology, nature fantasy, water kingdom, to a floating legendary world in the sky.



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